Fair Share For Musicians

We are the musicians who record for motion pictures and television shows heard around the world.

Members of the American Federation of Musicians across the nation are working together to achieve a fair contract from the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers.


What We Are Fighting For

For more than a decade, musicians working on made-for-streaming movies and TV shows have been exploited by the multi-billion dollar media conglomerates that make up the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers Association. Recording musicians performing on soundtracks are making (75%) less on content premiering on streaming platforms. These musicians, like singers and actors, create unique performances that are captured in real time  yet, they are not being compensated accordingly for streaming media. This is because the entertainment industry has fundamentally shifted. Content now premieres primarily on streaming platforms rather than in movie theaters and on network television. 

This shift has resulted in considerably less residual income for musicians, threatening our livelihoods. In essence, the talent bringing scores to life is being commoditized without a fair share of the considerable profits made by companies such as Disney, Paramount, Universal, and Warner Bros. This practice is neither fair nor sustainable.

Musicians, essential to the streaming economy, demand a fair contract which includes streaming residuals.