It’s Our Turn to Negotiate a Fair and Sustainable Contract!

Musicians of the American Federation of Musicians of the U.S. & Canada (AFM) negotiations for the film and motion picture work began January 22.  Our ten days of scheduled negotiations with Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP) concluded without us reaching any agreements.

While we made enough progress to schedule two additional dates to try to reach a deal, we still have not resolved our core issues of streaming residuals and protections against AI, nor have we addressed key issues such as wages and other contractual protections. We are going to need to demonstrate our commitment and solidarity in order to convince management that we are serious.

Last summer, the Writers Guild of America (WGA) and SAG-AFTRA secured historic contracts after unprecedented strikes, marking a new era of worker solidarity and industry recognition for artist value. These victories ripple outwards, offering potent opportunities for us, the musicians, to leverage in our own fight for fair compensation and working conditions.

The recent strikes sent shockwaves through Hollywood, exposing the industry’s reliance on creative labor–the studios faced production delays and lost millions. The AMPTP can no longer take our contributions for granted; they must now acknowledge our rightful share in the success of every project.

Join us to show your support for musicians and tell the AMPTP that it’s time for musicians to get their fair share.

** This petition is open to both AFM members and non-member allies. Every signature counts! **